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Aureum Enterprise

Innovative proprietary technology specifically developed for Enterprises, allowing access to all types of digital assets across one platform and all elegantly wrapped inside a regulatory-compliant environment.

A proprietary invention specifically developed for Enterprises and Financial Institutions

Future-Proof Blockchain

It is a private blockchain network capable of smart contracts and designed towards implementation of CBDC platforms before public-CBDCs are launched.


Aureum not only fulfils all of the G7 principles, including the ability to make dual offline and off-chain payments, privacy, programmability and cross-chain interoperability. It goes beyond that, it provides a unique ability to make and receive instant, near-zero cost payments, regardless of currency, channel, or form factor all on one platform, bridging CBDCs with DeFi, stablecoins, Metaverse and more.

Next-Gen Enterprise Coin with CBDC features

Enterprise Coin is a private form of sovereign CBDC and has all CBDC features such as offline capability, interoperability and programmability. It facilitates real-time value movement, helping to solve common hurdles of traditional cross-border payments.


As part of Aureum by Fluency, Enterprise Coin is committed to innovation within the financial services industry. It seeks to prepare private sector for sovereign CBDC arrival and to address the complex challenges of cross border payments and help simplify its clients’ money moving needs through next generation corporate treasury services.

Payments Interoperability for Universal Financial Access

Aureum Enterprise allows enterprises to use one universal platform that provides access to all types of digital assets using interoperability while having all of that elegantly wrapped inside a regulatory-compliant environment.


It allows for interoperability between Enterprise Coin, CBDCs, stablecoins, Metaverse bridges and more. It revolutionizes payments ecosystem by offering seamless and efficient payments in any form of asset while facilitating savings and future-proof innovation.

Enterprises need new or additional IT infrastructure to transact in CBDCs, but their priorities differ to central banks

Creating a marketplace for smart contracts with possibility of implementing: NFTs, Swaps, DEXes and Metaverse

Offering cross-asset digital payments to users – CBDC, stablecoins, crypto – while focusing on costs optimisation / speed to market vs competition

Aureum Enterprise allows for:

Intergration of existing infrastructure to enable CBDC-linked payment services and take use of cross-chain interoperablility protocol for universal payment access allowing use of digital national currencies, stablecoins, NFTs, Metaverse and more.
Creating a marketplace for smart contracts using CBDC innovation layer - i.e. possibility of implementing CeFi / DeFi products including NFTs, Flash loans, Swaps, DEXes and more.
Adopting Enterprise-Coin with CBDC features enables contracts that under any circumstance could not be accepted in public-CBDC, allows for cost and speed to market optimisation, and eliminates the need to use multiple platforms.
Enabling creating synthetic assets for stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.

Enterprise Coin With CBDC features - Why is it needed?

Multiple solutions and products exist in the CeFi and DeFi space, that financial institutions, including commercial banks are interested in, but adding those features directly inside public-CBDC may be disallowed directly by governments or discouraged by the pressure of negative public PR. If those assets would exist in a future-proof Enterprise-Coin with CBDC features.
The indirect access to them through interoperability would have a better chance of being accepted. To enable enterprises to prepare for public-CBDC arrival, our interoperability layer built out of the box allows a to bridge both public-CBDCs and enterprise-Coin, without additional changes to the APIs needed.

Why would anyone want to have Enterprise-Coin being run by someone else?

Offers those “grey-area” contracts exposed to users that are not fully regulated and not present on public-CBDCs - e.g., automated stablecoins
Having a relationship with one / more public-CBDCs is less expensive to integrate for enterprises than directly connecting to multiple public-CBDCs
Could become a big factor in acceptance / spreading of Metaverse solutions
Could be treated as a “smart-contract” marketplace, it could expose access to CeFi / DeFi solutions, maybe on a larger scale than public-CBDCs
Everything present currently on Ethereum could be replicated on Fluency stack without problems - including NFTs, Flash loans, Swaps, DEXes - and more

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