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CBDC proprietary blockchain revolutionising the existing financial system

Fluency Aureum was created and developed for the purpose of building and interconnecting national CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) networks which is integrated with cash retail banking to support the transition from cash to a CBDC.

Our fully compliant proprietary technology is specifically-tailored to bring technological and economical innovations of digital currencies to the existing financial system.

With the use of advancements in DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) our platform is designed to provide all tools necessary for easy deployment, configuration and management of custom CBDC networks.

Inga Mullins
CEO & Founder

Inga Mullins is the Founder and the CEO at Fluency.

Inga brings a wealth of notable experience through her role as the CEO and Founder at Fluency supporting several major central banks in CBDC exploration and development including the:

  • European Central Bank as a member of Market Advisory Group advising the Eurosystem on the design and distribution of a potential digital euro
  • Bank of England advising on the technological challenges of a designing, implementing and operating a UK CBDC
  • US-Federal Reserve System where she is involved with the Fed Remittance Improvement project workgroup and the FedNow Pilot.

She has over 15 years corporate experience working for FTSE 100 companies. In addition, Inga has entrepreneurial & angel investment experience running a digital assets brokerage firm.

Pawel Brataniec
CTO & Founder

Pawel Brataniec is the founder and CTO of Fluency with its unique blockchain technology. The result of his and Fluency’s development team is a solution that has all the benefits of a blockchain, yet integrated within the existing financial system.

Pawel has extensive engineering experience building financial systems & security at Tier-1 banks including HSBC & UBS.

Glenn Kim
Managing Director & Member of the Board

Glenn brings a wealth of notable experience through his previous roles, which include Special Advisor to the Board of Directors at Praxiabank, Greece’s first digital startup bank, Senior Financial Advisory roles to the Federal Republic of Germany’s Finanzagentur, Republic of Iceland and the Hellenic Republic.

More recently he has been actively involved in the early stage tech startup space and was previously a Managing Director at Lehman Brothers with direct responsibilities and interactions with global bank regulators and parastatal financial institutions.

Zeeshan Feroz
Member of the Board of Advisors

Zeeshan is a former CEO of Coinbase UK, where he was responsible for establishing and growing Coinbase’s business outside the US. Before joining Coinbase, Zeeshan held the role of Global Head of Payments at social payments startup prior to its acquisition by Airbnb.

With a career spanning leadership roles at some of the largest payments and crypto platforms, Zeeshan has an enviable track record of scaling businesses to successful enterprises.

Now, Zeeshan serves as an advisor to several fintech and crypto businesses, helping them scale rapidly in a sustainable compliant manner.

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