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Aureum Core

Innovative technology built specifically to enable CBDCs with full customisation. Inclusive, easy, convenient and affordable ledger-stored account CBDC access for banked, unbanked and underbanked - Seamless Consecutive Offline payments, Privacy, Interoperability and Innovation

Why Aureum Blockchain Platform for CBDC

Fluency Aureum being the flagship product is designed to provide an on-ramp for building CBDC platforms and bridging them together to existing payment networks including both traditional banking and alternative finance.

What Aureum Core offers to Central Banks?

Our system can be maintained and kept functional as long as a minimum set of validators exists, making it fully operational even in case of traditional banking system downtime.
Dual Offline & Off-chain
Designed with dual offline & off-chain capability enabling payments to be executed during natural disasters or other large disruptions
Innovative products and services can be built across the blockchain ecosystem, including smart-contracts, custodial and non-custodial wallets, zero-knowledge cryptography, decentralised finance and more.
It provides all required tools and protocols mechanisms needed for the CBDC platform to connect with other CBDCs, traditional banking systems and decentralised finance. Those tools are provided as op-in and can be disabled by default.
With other banking systems. Payments and transfers executed on the platform can be easily programmed with a set of rules and constraints on each use.
Data availability
System distribution ensures data availability and resilience, in addition to trust and transparency around transaction history.
Digital Privacy
All transactions executed on the network are encrypted by default, with transactional details being available to be decoded only to parties involved, central bank and authorities.
Monetary policies and money flow rules can be programmed into the protocol to enforce compliance - i.e. interest rates, remuneration, limits, supply etc.
Clear track record of historical transactions prevents criminal activity such as money laundering, tax evasion or avoidance, and other illegal activities.
System Trust
Aureum Core enables central banks to control the currency while protecting the privacy and independence of the CBDC’s use to the end users.

Fluency’s AureumTM revolutionary CBDC future-proof technology enables universal new digital currency flows

We’ve spent over 3 years

researching and examining central banks requirements, developing corresponding product capabilities, and engaging & collaborating with leading central banks around the world as their thought partner as they create their CBDC frameworks

Other existing blockchains do not meet central bank requirements

CBDC central banks required features (including: offline capability, privacy, upgradeability, programmability and 3rd-party systems interoperability) are not currently being met by other existing blockchains

Fully customizable infrastructure

that easily integrates blockchains into central bank software stacks thus enabling them to implement a successful integration of CBDCs swiftly with minimal additional infrastructure

Central Bank is the Network Administrator

Central Bank is the Network Administrator
Each sharded network of permission blockchains represents a single compliance zone with a separate and distinct Central Bank and Intermediaries.
Highly secure network with programmability and upgradability
Layered structure provides the required security around the notion of programmable money. All monetary policies can be implemented in the form of separate contracts including: interest rates, cap balances and other monetary policies.
Innovative Ledger-stored Account CBDC
Solving the ongoing debate Account vs Token based CBDC. Fully compatible with a multitude of privacy solutions and allowing for dual offline payments.
Interoperability with other banking systems
RTGS, along with foreign and synthetic CBDCs.

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Start by understanding how things will change and what can be improved across your business. Regardless of your role and how entrenched you are in the existing system, CBDC will hit with game-changing impact—get started today!
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