Fluency Aureum CBDC Platform

Powering the Revolution of Money

Digital currencies will be part of ‘new monetary order’.

Our revolutionary technology allows issuance, distribution and exchange of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) between central banks, commercial banks, merchants and consumers.

What is Aureum

Fluency Aureum is the world's first permissioned enterprise platform, made for the purpose of building and interconnecting national CBDC networks. With the smart use of advancements in DLT (Distrubuted Ledger Technology), our platform is designed to provide all tools necessary for easy deployment, configuration and management of custom CBDC networks.

Using a lightweight consensus mechanism and sharding approach, our platform is designed to achieve commercialisation viability, by maximising scalability and flexibility of the underlying network, while providing regulatory compliance by creation of separated, yet interconnected, compliance zones for each CBDC.

The Power of Fluency Aureum

Instant & Highly-scalable

An instant ledger to process real-time transactions for billions of users.

Innovative & Global

A trusted network to connect CBDC’s, digital assets, and CBDC related assets around the world.

Smart Contracts

A smart contract platform to enable enterprise use cases for all industries.

Secure & Compliant

A secure vault to combat the increasing threats to data privacy.

We Are Engaging With World Leaders of Financial Industry

Although COVID-19 has stagnated much of the world’s economic activity and professional engagement, Governments have taken proactive measures to prepare for the CBDC revolution. Check out the latest CBDC News and Insights.

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Challenges and Design

BIS - Central bank digital currencies:
foundational principles and core features

ECB’s Lagarde has hunch there will
be digital Euro by 2025

Deputy Governor for Bank of Canada
on plans for a CBDC

Fed Chair Jerome Powell speaks to the
IMF on digital currencies

CBDC Update:
The New Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

Approximately $37 trillion USD in circulation around the world. In the next few years, we believe that all paper fiat currencies will be digitised. Fluency is integrating its solutions to the newly realised CBDC financial system and will capitalise in this multi-trillion dollar market opportunity.


Our proprietary innovative Aureum blockchain platform brings unique advantages to a CBDC. We enable central banks to control the currency while protecting the privacy and independence of the CBDC’s use to the end users.

Instant transactions, events and smart-contract calls with high throughput.

Extensible smart contract platform designed for the financial systems.

Permissioned and sharded network achieving the separation of concerns.

Regulatory compliant, highly configurable and upgradeable consensus rules.

Byzantinte-Fault Tolerant and cryptographically secure.

Innovatory with shielded transactions, offline signing, ID management and more.

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Fluency is building proprietary Aureum blockchain platform and applications for new economic systems.