Aureum blockchain platform solution for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Why Aureum Blockchain Platform for CBDC

Our specially-tailored blockchain technology brings unique advantages to a CBDC. Fluency Aureum supports CBDC requirements in terms of innovation, mass scalability, programmability, along with multi-layered privacy and security.

What Fluency Aureum offers to Central Banks?

System Trust: Fluency Aureum enables central banks to control the currency while protecting the privacy and independence of the CBDC’s use to the end users.
Configurability: Monetary policies and money flow rules can be programmed into the protocol to enforce compliance - i.e. interest rates, remuneration, limits, supply etc.
Programmability: Payments and transfers executed on the platform can be easily programmed with a set of rules and constraints on each use.
Traceability: Clear track record of historical transactions prevents criminal activity such as money laundering, tax evasion or avoidance, and other illegal activities.
Innovation: Innovative products and services can be built across the blockchain ecosystem, including smart-contracts, custodial and non-custodial wallets, zero-knowledge cryptography, decentralised finance and more.
Data availability: System distribution ensures data availability and resilience, in addition to trust and transparency around transaction history.
Fault-Tolerance: Our system can be maintained and kept functional as long as a minimum set of validators exists, making it fully operational even in case of traditional banking system downtime.
Inclusivity: Transactions can be executed off chain making them resilient to end-users network connection outage and/or failures, effectively increasing financial inclusion of citizens.
Digital Privacy: All transactions executed on the network are encrypted by default, with transactional details being available to be decoded only to parties involved, central bank and authorities.
Interoperability: Fluency Aureum provides all required tools and protocols mechanisms needed for the CBDC platform to connect with other CBDCs, traditional banking systems and decentralised finance. Those tools are provided as opt-in and disabled by default.

For a deeper dive on Fluency Aureum’s unique advantages for Central Banks, read our Introduction to Auereum Blockchain Platform

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Fluency Aureum is the most secure, scalable, and easy-to-use platform for launching CBDC by the Central Banks. Our infrastructure and application-layer products help you easily integrate blockchain into your software stack and manage digital assets so you can implement a successful CBDC at scale.