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قوة ثورة المال

Next-generation future-proof blockchain technology enabling universal, inclusive, seamless and affordable digital payments with a superior level of resilience. At its core, a ledger-stored, account-based CBDC solution with privacy by design, offline functionality, cross-chain interoperability and programmability as key features.
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Fluency’s AureumTM revolutionary CBDC future-proof technology resolves one of the biggest frictions of Web 3.0 uniting CeFi and DeFi

We enable companies to lead the way in financial services innovation helping clients who want to participate in using new digital currency flows, while getting ready for sovereign CBDC launch. AureumTM enables the movement of money across a variety of payment flows on AureumTM and beyond providing truly universal, inclusive, seamless, near-zero cost transactions while ensuring a superior level of resilience and privacy.

Aureum fulfils the G7 principles for retail Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Aureum is a universal next-generation digital payments blockchain network, built from the ground up bridging CeFi and DeFi. It is the world’s first blockchain based solution capable of achieving all CBDC related requirements, including those outlined by G7 finance leaders
Dual Offline & Off-chain
Designed with dual offline & off-chain capability enabling payments to be executed during natural disasters or other large disruptions
Data Privacy
Transactions are encrypted by default, with settlement details available to be decoded only by involved parties and administrator ensuring compliance with relevant legislations and local laws
With existing and future payments solutions including existing banking systems (eg. RTGS), foreign & synthetic CBDCs, DeFi, stablecoins, NFTs, metaverse, IoT and more
Resilience & Cyber Security
A high-degree of resiliency and fault-tolerance of the platform by providing decentralized, permissioned infrastructure that allows handling of CBDC assets on a shared ledger
Innovative products and services can be built in, including smart-contracts, custodial and non-custodial wallets, zero-knowledge cryptography, decentralized finance and more
Highly scalable performance higher than RTGS systems and DeFI public networks
Unlock the power of next-gen Blockchain
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Start by understanding how things will change and what can be improved across your business. Regardless of your role and how entrenched you are in the existing system, CBDC will hit with game-changing impact—get started today!
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